Baltimore Quilt


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I have had, and do have many hobbies so wanted to show some of my crafts to others. What better way then here.

Cartoon saying I quilt, but my favourite hobby is collecting fabric

The Love of Fabrics

If you are a quilter you understand the love of fabrics. Buying them when you don't need any more! Not wanting to cut them up to make the quilt that you want to make! Going to craft fairs or fabric shops and telling ourselves 'We won't buy much'!

Its confusing for us sometimes with the debates we have with ourselves.

Japanese Star Quilt

The Love of Quilting

Oh, why do I keep making Quilts? I get asked this many times. My answer is 'because I can!'

Only  quilter's can understand each other. Other people in our lives just shake their heads in confusion!  

Crochet Afghans on a garden chair

The Love of Crafts

And, of course, if you are a quilter, invariable, you have other crafts in your life. Many unfinished, which non crafters just don't understand! But we have a method. They are there for the future if we find ourselves with nothing to do!