My Story

A little about my crafting world


My Quilting Life

I started quilting about 25 years ago with just a couple of quilts. Life events happened and I left it alone until abut 15 years ago when I moved and went to a local Quilting group. I then suffered from Mental Health so left the group until about 2 years ago and now there is no stopping me. I bought a good new sewing machine, (I have since bought a second one!) and that really encouraged me in this craft. The women in my group are also a great inspiration.

I am also in the process of updating the groups website as I have had experience in build websites in the past. This will be a slow process as I am only now getting mentally better but so I am so enjoying it.

As with most crafters there are lots of other things I have made in the past, which I hope to display here. It is a way of recording my interests and I hope you enjoy browsing around my site.